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Taking Action

This is a step-by-step “action plan” anyone can follow to prevent or interrupt CRT-based programs and policies in their communities.


The most important step is to tell your town officials and leaders - in person, by email, posts on social media or other written communication - that you are opposed to CRT and any programs that implement race-based preferential treatment. 


Many leaders are unaware of CRT or how well-intentioned efforts to help the disadvantaged become CRT indoctrination efforts under the guise of "diversity and inclusion" or "racial equity" training.  Raising awareness on CRT is key!

The steps below will help you to be persuasive when making statements against CRT and programs that implement race-based preferences. 

Talk about the most concerning facts about CRT

Learn how to debunk CRT claims

Identify CRT’s presence in your localities

Engage local leaders to voice your opposition to CRT

Step 1
Talk about the most concerning facts about CRT

Here in the CRT Overview section, you can learn about five stylized facts regarding CRT. Get familiar with the main arguments and pick 2 or 3 out of the 5 points to practice strong objections to CRT. Check out our example of positive engagement below.

Step 2
Learn how to debunk CRT claims

Now that you have learned about the five most concerning facts about CRT, you need to utilize more nuanced, intellectual arguments and be empowered with pertinent facts on CRT’s issues both in theory and in practice. When presented with a CRT claim, state the counter-arguments here.

Step 3
Identify CRT’s presence in your localities

Across the country, many communities are busy implementing diversity and inclusion sessions, racial equity workshops, racial sensitivity training, and social-emotional learning classes. Many of such pleasant-sounding programs are infused with CRT, and frequently in these sessions, CRT’s misleading assertions are presented as facts. Go to Identifying CRT to learn about common codenames for CRT, and there you will find maps and other information showing where CRT can be found. You will also see how to do a simple web search to determine if CRT is present in your community.

Step 4
Engage local leaders to voice your opposition to CRT
Whether your town is implementing CRT-infused programs or not, it is time for you to proactively reach out to your town officials and policymakers about your concerns regarding CRT. Through positive engagement, you can help prevent CRT’s invasion where it has not arrived and counteract its presence in places affected by CRT.  

Each public forum at your community level or in your child’s school district presents a unique opportunity for you to engage local policymakers and educate the public on CRT. Be prepared, assertive and organized. Sample letters, key talking points, external resources and practical examples are provided in the Resources section. 
BTW, don’t forget to check out our compilation of Success Stories for additional inspirations on your journey to defend unity against CRT. Also, check out our powerful Joint Statement cosigned by 25 regional and national organizations from across the political spectrum.
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