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Joint Statement
Against Critical Race Theory Using Race to Divide Americans

We are a coalition of 26 organizations, representing a diverse group of civil rights leaders, academics, community activists and ordinary citizens. Coming from vastly different racial, ethnic and political backgrounds, we are united by our common values and shared identity as Americans. We are committed to promoting values of equal rights, equal citizenship, individual merit and liberty, against the divisive invasion of critical race theory in every aspect of our public life.

Critical race theory (CRT) is a contested and explicitly political theory that examines all social relations, economic governance and policy outcomes through the prism of race and prescribes race-centered solutions to all social problems. While CRT, with its academic sub-variants and derivatives, should be judged as a scholarly subject of inquiry, it has increasingly become a monolithic dogma that informs broader cultural and political trends attempting to reshape and reengineer our society toward illiberal group think, equal outcomes, and collectivism.

CRT and its pleasant-sounding derivatives --- diversity, equity and inclusion, anti-racism, racial sensitivity, racial healing, critical pedagogy, critical awareness, social emotional learning and so on, are underlined by a common thread of placing race, racism, and racial struggles at the center of our national dialogue and public institutions. The doctrine paints a grim, inaccurate, and discordant picture of our history and present, challenging the very foundations of the liberal order, distorting our basic virtues of equality and merit, and purporting to dismantle free markets. Perpetuating this bankrupt ideology in real life leads to perverse discrimination, disempowerment and victimhood by virtue of race.

As a broad-based coalition, we wholeheartedly support teaching cultures and history including slavery, racism and discrimination in a balanced, unabridged, nuanced and constructive fashion. We welcome meaningful efforts to build understanding and appreciation for different cultures and ethnicities in our diverse country. But we strongly oppose attempts to use race as a wedge to divide Americans and denigrate our great country. In this spirit, we stand firmly against CRT and its egregious manifestations in our schools, workplaces, and governments. We call upon you and all like-minded individuals to join our growing coalition for a genuine movement to safeguard democratic values of equality, liberty and unity.

Don’t divide us!

Alliance to Protect Children

AMCHA Initiative

Better Milpitas

Californians For Equal Rights Foundation

Chinese American Citizens Alliance Greater New York

Concerned Parents of San Diego

Educators for Quality and Equality

Eagle Forum of California

Equal Rights for All-Pac

Fair Education Santa Barbara

For Kids & Country

Free Black Thought

Informed Parents of California

Irvine Equal Education Association

Legal Insurrection Foundation

Moms for Liberty

National Association of Scholars

No Left Turn in Education

Parents Defending Education

Protect Our Kids

San Diego Asian Americans for Equality

Silicon Valley Chinese Association Foundation

TOC Foundation

US Asian Art & Culture Association

We Save America

Whittier and La Habra Precinct Patriots

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