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The Resources section contains sample letters that have been used successfully by residents to create awareness about CRT and their concerns about CRT in their communities.

In Resources, you will also find talking points and other useful resources to help you speak persuasively and organize effectively about why CRT is bad for our families, our communities and why it is bad for America.

Get Organized

Get Organized


Attend local school board meetings, city/county council meetings…


Engage teachers, administrators, local decision makers


Join or build local grassroots networks against CRT


Demand equal treatment, unity, transparency, & balanced curriculum

We can help train your local groups with more practical knowledge, strategic planning, and action plans. Contact us if you would like to learn more. 

Talking Points

Talking Points

Long Talking Points
  • We support balanced and apolitical ways to teach history, cultures and racism.

  • CRT should not be judged by its academic nitty-gritty, but by its real-world implications.

  • We represent a diverse group of ordinary Americans of every stripe.

  • ...

Short Talking Points
  • Don’t divide us by a political ideology, with taxpayer funds.

  • [Name of the local authority] is not above the law: equal treatment for all.

  • Don’t be fooled by the word salad. It is 100% CRT.

  • ...

Report CRT

Report CRT

Curricular Alternatives to CRT

Curricular Alternatives
The 1619 Project & Anti - Racist History

"The 1776 Unites Curriculum" from the Woodson Center

"Alternative Reading Guide for The 1619 Project" by J.D. Rechmond and W.F. Twyman Jr.

Sample Letters

for School Boards
Sample Letters

Good afternoon, honorable members of xxx School District. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak. My name is xxx. I am a parent, local resident and taxpayer, who is alarmed by the District’s trend of embracing a narrow political doctrine under the name of “Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)” ...


Thank you, Board of Trustees/ Board Members of xxx School District, for allowing me to speak on the District’s plan/resolution/initiative to introduce Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) (or Social-Emotional Learning, Racial Equity Strategy, Anti-Racism…). My name is xxx, and I come here this evening with my fellow parents from diverse racial...


Good afternoon, honorable members of the Board of Trustees of xxx School District. My name is xxx. I am a parent and concerned community member. I wholeheartedly support the District’s well-intentioned efforts to empower students and families from vastly different backgrounds through sustainable...

Sample Letters

for Townships, City Councils and Local Governments

Good day, honorable members of xxx Township/ Council/ City Government. My name is xxx. I am reaching out regarding your consideration of a plan/resolution/initiative to introduce Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) (or Social-Emotional Learning, Racial Equity Strategy, Anti-Racism…). While I applaud your desire to advance equality...


Good afternoon, dear members of xxx Township/ Council/ City Government. As a concerned community member, I want to reach out to warn you about a sweeping national movement to propagate a controversial ideology dubbed as critical race theory (CRT). I sincerely hope that our public officials and representatives can recognize the existing threats...


In addition to individualized letters, you can also refer to our powerful Joint Statement against CRT--- a pledge of unity by over 20 national and regional organizations. This can serve as a supporting argument that the opposition to CRT is a growing, broad-based movement allying Americans of all stripes.

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