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About Us

We are a diverse group of civil rights leaders, academics, community activists and ordinary citizens. Coming from vastly different racial, ethnic and political backgrounds, we are united by our common destiny as Americans. We are further united with this mission to promote timelessly true and ever-more applicable values of equal rights, equal citizenship, merit, individual agency, and liberty. This website is a vehicle to advance our mission— a hub of information and resources to help you navigate the treacherous waters of CRT manifested in our education, governance, and civil society. Empowered by pertinent knowledge, you will be better equipped to combat the corrosive ideology and promote our superior values. Change starts with us and it starts now!

We are in a cultural war. Our opponents---fringe ideologues and deep-pocketed interest groups from the race grievance industry, have launched a coordinated assault on our liberal democracy. Under the fancy pretenses of diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and anti-racism, they are propagating a collection of illiberal, un-American, and divisive ideas that translate into dangerous policy prescriptions. In present times, critical race theory (CRT) has become the most used ideological tool by our opponents to tear down our society, attack the merit-based system, and reorder all our sociopolitical institutions through the prism of race. We must save our society from descending into zero-sum racial enclaves. We must unite, not as representatives of our narrowly defined groups, but as individuals with firm beliefs in equality, merit, and liberty. Don’t divide us!

Hosting Organization:

Californians for Equal Rights Foundation

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