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Stop Critical Race Theory (CRT)
Don't Divide Us!

Engineer & Commissioner

Ling Kong

Equal treatment without regard to race is our nation's highest ideal. Race grievance advocates seek to dismantle and insult true equality. Our government can and must do better to enact meaningful reforms to remove barriers to achieve better economic, educational, and social outcomes for all Americans. They can do it without discriminating against any individuals or groups on the basis of race ideological indoctrination using the controversial critical race theory curriculum is not the answer.

CRT Overview


Check out five concerning facts about CRT in theories. Do you know that initiatives and programs named “anti-racism,” “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” “Social-Emotional Learning,” and so on are all rooted in CRT?


Debunking CRT's Misleading Claims

CRT states that all relationships must be viewed first through the lens of race, and that all social relationships are constructed through an oppressor-victim dichotomy...


Success Stories Against CRT

From the defeat of Prop 16 in California to a growing nation-wide grassroots uprising against CRT, ordinary Americans of all stripes are standing up...


How can you identify CRT and detect its applications in your town or your child’s school? Check out our four steps to fight against CRT...

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